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Fixing Music Boxes & Mechanical Music Collectibles

Based in Rolling Hills Estates, California, The Musical Box Doctor and Musical Specialties Inc. provides worldwide customers with repair and restoration services for mechanical musical boxes. While we specialize in antique and modern music box mechanisms, we also service other antiques, such as jewelry boxes from Italy and ornate bird cages.

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More than Just Music Box Repair

The owner of The Musical Box Doctor and Musical Specialties Inc. was used as an expert testimony on season two episode eight of Storage Wars, where they had us evaluate some antique bird boxes. Our company was also featured in the local paper and has worked on a television ad, creating a custom song that plays from a music box. We can organize other musical arrangements that play on various mechanical music. With more than 30 years of experience, we specialize in all facets of antique repair including, but not limited to:

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